Daviesway Pty Ltd. are the main distributor for Dairyking Milking Equipment throughout Australia

The well-known Australian company Daviesway Pty Ltd. based in Melbourne, Victoria, Daviesway Pty Ltd. manages parlour, feeding, manure, and milk cooling sales activities and technical support for Dairyking in Australia.

Daviesway is Australia's oldest privately owned dairy equipment company, founded by the present Davies family in 1911, and has a strong reputation for providing consistent high quality services and products. Since this early beginning the company has developed into a major supplier of quality dairy equipment for the Australian market. Innovative design and development is a continuing priority of Daviesway, and the company is committed to supplying the Australian dairy farmer with the best in milking machine equipment and dairy farm consumables. Daviesway is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia where the central warehouse operation serves the prime dairying areas throughout the country supported by office and warehouse locations in the states of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.

The Dairyking MooMonitor+ system is available through Daviesway.